Warfield 7/23

Adam Lambert Glam Nation concert at the Warfield in San Francisco, CA on July 23, 2010.

NoAngelPF writes:

In a word: Awesometastic!!!!!! The horrible thing about trying to talk/write about Adam is that you end up with acute adjective failure. After a while, you run out of superlatives, and end up just babbling like an idiot, repeating yourself. Maybe I'll try to critique something instead. Ummm... Well, let's see. At one point, Adam brushed his hair back, and a lock fell at an odd angle. Yeah, I got nothing.

My overall impression is that, in the month since I'd seen Adam at Royal Oak, everything was so much more polished and improved. The dancers were slinky and much more naturally synchronized with Adam, and Adam's choreographed dancing looks much more natural. His banter, and the intro to Aftermath in particular, felt more conversational rather than scripted. And his voice was just out-of-this-galaxy beautiful. Honestly, some of his notes just sent chills through soul (in a good way!) I was sitting in the Upper Loge, which was a good seat, but I really longed to be in the GA pit flailing up close. Funny though: you know how everyone says "Adam looked right at me during....". Well, from my distance, I would swear on Anthrogeek's life that he looked right in my eyes several times. Now that's special!

My favorite things: Adam's slicked-down, glittered-up, old-Hollywood hair! Monte's energy and personality coming through more and more. He fucking rocks it out! Fever-ed licking! Yum...
Loved how Adam really seemed to appreciate being in SF, and showed lots of love to the audience, who loved him right back. And WLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I say? You've seen the vids (THANK YOU SUZ526, YOU GODDESS, YOU). Suffice it to say that it is now my second-favorite WLL (after FS, of course). Sexy and hot and rocked-out freaking craziness! He's a fucking rock god. That's all.

The only bad part of the concert for me is that the fans in my section stayed stubbornly seated the whole damn time. All the other balcony sections were mostly standing, so I'm sure we looked ridiculous. Anyway, after a while I got sick of it, and stepped into the aisle and danced. I'm glad I have a GA for Sunday :)

Pre-concert stalking: After driving around in circles for a million years looking for a parking spot, we made our way to the venue. At that time (~5pm) there were maybe 100 people in line. Since we had assigned seats, we decided to stalk the shit out of the Glamily take a casual stroll through the neighborhood. Ultimately our surveillance paid off, and we spotted Tommy standing alone. Sensitive to his family situation, we didn't want to squee all over him, so we politely greeted him, told him we were glad to see him, and gave him a set of our contrabands, which he sweetly accepted. Tommy is always a bit shy, but I found him even more subdued yesterday, which makes sense, of course. He said he was waiting for a taxi, and we were about to leave when Doug (@dougasauris, Adam's former tech guy) came up, and we greeted him also. After taking a pic of the two of them, we left.

Post-concert stalking: Joining the mob of fans stalking the exit, we waited to see what we could see. We were rewarded with sightings of:
Sasha: She was getting on the bus, and I yelled, "Hi, Sasha," and she trotted right over, posed with some fans, and was generally as nice as can be.
Neil: Who stood talking to some roadies and studiously avoided looking at the fans. LOL.
Sutan: Came over and chatted with us for quite a while. Tried to bum a cig, but we had none to offer. I told him I'd seen him smoking outside at the Royal Oak concert, and had tweeted him to stop. He said, "Oh, that was you!?" and pretends to stomp off. But he's really cool and quite gorgeous, and I asked him if he knew about why Adam and chosen the red letter A on his hat, and we talked a bit about my Scarlet Letter theory, which he thought was on target. As we chatted, he spotted a cute dude walking by, all prettied up in makeup, and called him over, saying, "Adam told me to point out the pretty boys, and I spotted you from earlier." The pretty boy had his friend take a pic of him with Sutan. I think it was the highlight of his life, lol.
Adam!: Only came out for a very few minutes, still in full stage makeup, but with baseball cap. We weren't able to get close enough for him to sign anything. People were asking for pics, but he said he only had time to sign things, and then he was gone. He was just as unruffled and polite as can be, although obviously in a hurry.

AnthrogeekPF:  Here's my YT playlist from Warfield, 7/23! I tend to have more videos from venues where our seats were not close, since I can't see him well enough to bask in his beauty, anyway. Unfortunately, I had to delete Soaked because I found a copyright notice slapped on it within mere hours of upload, so I'll have to figure out some other place to put it. I was hoping we'd see WLL performed plugged in at least one time while on this trip, so Thank You, Adam!!