Monday, August 2, 2010

Glamazing Race Ends in a Tie... Or Does It...?

AnthrogeekPF:  So much adventure, so little time to organize our thoughts and impressions, much less our pics, vids, and recaps!!  It's been an amazing adventure from beginning to end, and while the Glamazing Race itself may be over, the memories of all the wonderful people we met and the epic AFL performances we witnessed will live forever!  The perfect end cap for the Glamazing Race occurred after a bonus concert last night in Tempe, where I asked AFL if he'd ever sing "Can't Let You Go" LIVE just once for us..... will update you on that in a later blog post!

To NoAngelPF and SusieFierce - had a great time with my sistas from anotha motha!!  When can we do it again??  To all the great PFers we met at various venues, you're all just as wonderful in person and so very YOU, as you are at Planet Fierce (and no freaks among you, amazingly enough! I was really worried about that @hcluless person, but that's another story.....)!  To adamauian from PF, thanks for being the 4th "Glombert" along for the ride - get a Twitter account already!  To our loyal readers, thanks for your support and please bear with us over the coming days as we summarize our thoughts and write new blog posts For Your Entertainment - check back often!

Most importantly, THANK YOU to Adam Fucking Lambert, the source of our inspiration for this road trip, for all the stunning vocal and visual perfection we were privileged to witness over the last week.  May your star burn as bright as the most flaming of headdresses for eternity!!  My calling you a Creative Genius and Vocal Virtuoso is an understatement and there really aren't even words to describe your epicosity and fabulosity (so I must make up my own)! Oh, and thanks for not exclaiming "WTAF!!??" and calling Security when I forcibly gently pressed a set of PF Contrabands into your hand last night in Tempe!

Meanwhile, I leave you with this, my favorite of all the awesome vids I captured during the week (although I reserve the right to change my mind with every vid I view - I haven't even seen some of them myself!). This is Whole Lotta Love from Warfield in San Francisco, 7/25/10:

Not-so-secret post script: stay tuned as the Three Glamigos attend additional Glam Nation concerts at a later date..... you never know where we might turn up.... heh.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

They're Not All Crazy: Casual Fans at Adam Lambert Concerts

NoAngel writes:

Before I embarked upon The Glamazing Race, I thought that the audiences at Adam’s concerts would be 90% hard-core stans, with a smattering of casual fans. Following Twitter lists and Ustreams and concert threads, one gets a distorted impression. Instead, depending on the venue, the “casual” contingent comprises 25-75% of the audience. And that’s fantastic!

Perhaps I should define “stan” and “casual fan.” To me, the stans are the ones who: Go to multiple concerts; stand in line for hours to get up close for GA; have an active on-line life, participating in Twitter and/or one or more fan sites; and have an encyclopedic knowledge of Adam-related facts and factoids. Within this group, there are variations, ranging from ~normal (me and all my friends, heh) to cockscomb-wearing cray stalker.

The “casual” fans are those who generally know Adam from American Idol. They loved him on the show, and are happy to have a chance to see him when he brings Glam Nation to their neck of the woods. I’ve loved talking to these people at the concerts! They have no idea who Adam’s band members are, let alone what his shoe size is. Before the concert, they wonder what songs he’ll sing, and whether he’s as good a performer live as he was on Idol. They don’t know about the glowstick waving during Whataya Want From Me, or the speculation about Whole Lotta Love (acoustic, plugged-in, or not at all), or the all-important question of which hairstyle Adam will wear each night.

The “casual” fans are the reason Adam has been, and always will be grateful for his stint on American Idol. Despite the attached stigma and loss of rocker cred that he’ll need to (and will) overcome, the plain fact is that without AI, Adam would not be filling thousands of seats across the U.S. and around the world.

I’ve watched these casual fans fall under Adam’s spell at seven concerts now, and it’s a beautiful thing. The 70-something golf-shirt-wearing gentleman at TV who started out calm, and by Strut was dancing, laughing, and pumping his fist. The 60-something lesbian couple (Thunder Valley VIPs) who wondered if Adam would be as good a performer as Lionel Ritchie, and afterwards raved and clutched at my hands and affirmed that yes, Adam was actually better than Lionel, lol. The female Army private in San Diego who said that Adam makes her happy, no matter what bad news she’s dealing with on the job. The self-described twinks in San Francisco who shouted their love at Adam from the GA pit. The 14-year old girl in San Diego who thinks Adam is “really cool” and was taking pics to post on her Facebook page.

These are the fans that leave the concert and buy Adam’s album and tell their friends about him. Don’t get me wrong--Adam definitely needs his hard-core fans. We’re the ones who vote rabidly on VH1, and call the radio stations, and buy every incarnation of Adam’s album (hey, this version comes with a shiny sticker that I really really need in my life!). But the casual fan who goes to a concert and realizes that wow, there really is something special about this guy, will remember him next year when his second album comes out.

So, one concert at a time, one convert at a time, at casinos and festivals and theatres, Adam is building a large, diverse fanbase. And all of us together will help him achieve the stardom for which he is surely destined.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here is the love ...

SusieFierce: The San Francisco experience was a stark and fascinating contrast to Sacramento in countless ways, the weather being the first and most obvious, but there were so many others. AnthrogeekPF already touched on the tale of two hotels and – from the high-security key cards required to select a floor at Thunder Valley, to the manual door and accordion cage lift of the Mithalia.

We got to the venue and it was chilly and since my packing was limited to what I could reach without standing up more than once, I didn’t have a jacket. “No probs,” I thought. “There will be a thousand tourist trap fleece hoodie stands on every corner, I’ll find one.” Well, that wasn’t really the case. We had to get through the hotel ghetto to the restaurant ghetto to the retail ghetto regions of downtown SF before I found a Marshall’s and @AlohaPF found me a very versatile, rocker-type sweat jacket. Love it.

Okay, our next objective was to get in line and stay there. We had hours to kill. Again, @NoAngelPF took the controls and got everyone in the GA line listed and organized. We Sharpied numbers on ourselves and got something to eat. NoAngelPF came very prepared, with several blankets to sit on. We were joined by @hcluless and other PFers and settled in for a long afternoon wait.

Needless to say, I don’t know who was the more ~interesting, the long line of Adam stans or the usual colorful contingent that frequents the downtown streets of San Francisco, but it had to be a curious collection that day. Certainly a prospective exhibit if anyone ever opens a people zoo.

So we waited. And waited. And my back went through it’s usual nagging to annoying to excruciating cycle that is becoming rote. Here was one amazing line experience though: At one point, a young girl in perhaps her early 20s came by. She was selling a circular written and produced by the homeless to raise money. The paper cost $1. Many of us donated and we took a couple of copies. She started to walk away, but then turned back and said, “Who are you waiting to see?”

We said, “Adam Lambert.” She said she didn’t know who that was. Do we have any pictures or recordings? We all looked at each other and smiled as we all carry YouTubes in the palms of our hands, housed by our trusty smartphones, of course. I was closest, so I immediately hit the TV icon on my home screen. Reception hasn’t been great, so I expected some lag time.

I went immediately to my YT favorites and there was a WLL from ~somewhere, on top. I hit that, but could immediately see it wasn’t great iPhone vid quality and you really couldn’t hear it over the traffic and other noise.

“Wait, let me find something else,” I said. “You won’t be able to hear this.” I quickly scanned my bookmarked vids and noticed “The Prayer” at the bottom of the screen. This has excellent sound quality that I was sure would carry over the din of the street. I had a hunch this might hold special significance as well. Here's a refresher:

I pushed play and the swell of the opening phrase came through beautiful and clear. She bent her head low, almost timid, but eager. It’s been awhile since I listened to the song and I was again reminded how gorgeous it is. She crouched down and remained stalk still while I held the phone to her ear. As she listened, her posture relaxed and her expression went from sad, to softened, then serene.

This was not a polite, cursory listen; this felt like a transformative experience. I glanced at her face as every note seemed to permeate her soul and soon – I kid you not – she had tears in her eyes. I gently looked to confirm this and it’s as if I wasn’t even there. Neither was the crowd of sparkly people or the congested city streets. She was having the unmistakable, transcendent experience of hearing angels singing and by the time the clarinet solo cutaway ended, I held the phone back so she could see Adam’s face.

“It’s not just the voice,” I said, “he’s also incredibly beautiful.” She stared at the screen and again wore the bemused awe that those of us who ~get it would recognize anywhere – the involuntary tilting of your face to the light. The tears were real and she had this expression of joy in her eyes that was unmistakable.

She finally smiled at me and said, “That’s nice.” But it was reverent, almost disbelieving, but still serene. Some of us chimed in gently, not wanting to overwhelm her. “That’s just one kind of singing he can do. He does everything – rock, pop – he’s amazing!”

She thanked us for taking the time to share it with her and we asked if we could take her picture. She smiled as if honored and posed with her newspapers. Waving goodbye, she went on her way down the line. As we were all exchanging looks of wonder at the experience, AnthrogeekPF said, “Oh my God! We could have given her one of our extra tickets!”

Immediately, Scorpio ran down the line to try to find her, but she was gone.

About an hour and a half later, when we were getting close to being let in, we saw her walking by again. Our friend went after her and brought her back.

“We want to give you a ticket to see the show.”

She looked at us in disbelief. It took a little bit of reassurance and encouragement, but she became very excited. Her apprehension tinged with disbelief was palpable and we continued to assure her that she would have a wonderful time and we really wanted her to experience Adam. She beamed and thanked us profusely and took her e-ticket with still a bit of bemusement and left.

We don’t know if she used the ticket or not, because obviously, once we were in our GA spot (more of this to come one 7/25 Warfield thread), there was no moving. I’d love to think that she went and experienced the entire concert, or at least Adam’s set and all her pain was at least temporarly alleviated with the joy of the music, beauty, energy and love that comes with seeing Adam live.

I really hope so.

Contrabands, Sutan Style!

If you recall from NoAngelPF's recap of the 7/23 concert at the Warfield, SF, we gave some of our patented Contrabands to Sasha and Sutan by the buses after the show. They both were very sweet about it and thanked us, and at the very least, were way too gracious to exclaim out loud "what the actual fuck!??, at least not within earshot. However, when Adam interviewed with Lindsay Parker before the 7/27 Costa Mesa show while having his stage makeup applied, it turns out that Sutan was rockin' the very same contrabands mixed in with the finest of bracelets adorning his wrist! Observe the video in Parker's interview for yourself and see if you can spot the Contrabands being rocked Sutan-style!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

General Admission: Is the Pleasure Worth the Pain?

NoAngel writes:

A piece of unsolicited advice from a biased party: If you possibly can manage it, at least once in your life, get yourself as close to the stage as humanly possible at a General Admission concert. We've all heard the horror stories about the long lines and the aching feet and backs, and the fainting, drunken fans. And yeah, you might have to sleep out all night on a filthy sidewalk in your Hello Kitty sleeping bag, and wash up in the bathroom of a fast food joint, and suffer in brutal heat and humidity (unless it's San Francisco, in which case you risk frostbite in July). You’ll have to endure passers-by staring at you with pity and handing you a couple bucks, reassuring you that, “it’ll be okay honey, buy yourself a sandwich and try to stay clean and sober; I’m sure things’ll turn around for you soon…”

Once they open the doors, you’ll need to run like a maniac to find your place, leaving slower (so-called) fans in the dust. You’ll have to elbow your way into the best possible position, and stake your claim on the six square inches of space you'll get. Make friends with the people around you, because you’ll be close enough to share body fluids for the next several hours. And no, the person groping you is not interested in a more meaningful relationship, they’re there for Adam, too. Forget looking glam, because by the time Adam takes the stage, you’ll be a sweaty, dehydrated, disheveled mess.

But, here’s the thing! When Adam does take the stage, he’ll be so close it’ll take your breath away. You’ll be able to see every freckle, every speck of glitter, his every expression. Imagine what Adam sees when he looks down into the crowd at his feet—a sea of awed, joyous faces and flailing arms, and you’re one of them! If you’re a pretty boy, he’ll sing suggestive lyrics right to you. If you’re not, he’ll flirt with you anyway, cuz he's cool like that. From your vantage point, you’ll feel like you're at Adam Fucking Lambert’s private party, and it’s the best time you’ll ever have.

Trust me, friends, it’s worth it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

We have a racer down!

Day 1, Race 1: SusieFierce = Scratched

OMG, where do I start? So much comedy, tragedy, revelry and ecstasy crammed into the past three days. I need to start slow, hit the high points and put the concert flail in the concert threads. Easy? Not. At. All. Especially when I’m exhausted, haven’t eaten one day’s allotment of food in the past four days combined and it’s 6:23 p.m. and still have only eaten mini muffins today.

I also have to get to bed early, because tomorrow is the next leg of The Glamazing Race and I haven’t done my blogger duties for the first leg (well, broken leg, actually).

I’ll try to spare you the grizzly deets, as most people have heard. After all our planning, spending, reserving, debating and crafting, the day before our epic adventure came, and I had only 289,106,892 minor details at work to nail down before we launched. No sweat.

So, I woke up at the usual time on Thursday morning, jumped in the shower, ate breakfast while responding to a few emails and then got up to dry my hair. Except … something was wrong. Very wrong. I’ve had lower-back issues in the past and about mid-July last year, I experienced a sciatic flare-up of epic proportions. Never had encountered that kind of pain a debility before … I thought, “Oh, no! This is NOT happening.”

Through stubbornness, the fact that I had a ton of loose ends to tie up at work and my euphoria that tomorrow was Glam Nation Day No. 1, I downed three or four Ibuprofen, grabbed a handy ice pack and got to work where I juggled a thousand details while I felt my muscles seize tighter by the minute.

Well, you guessed it, the situation went from bad, to worse, to unbearable to OMG, I’m gonna die!! In less than 24 hours. By the time I woke up at about midnight on 7/23, I was in ridiculous pain. I tried to go to the kitchen to get more Ibuprofen and some milk to take it with (hadn’t eaten), but I couldn’t stand. At all. I kept thinking, “This is ridiculous! You’re just a little sore. Tough it out.” But my body was having none of that. You could knit a (very constricting) sweater out of the ball of nerves that tangled themselves between my right hip and coccyx.

Shit!! I CANNOT be in this situation. I have plane and hotel reservations! I have general admission tickets! I have been looking forward to the Glam Nation drag queen pre-party for weeks! We have a blog to write!

Well, you can guess where all these arguments ended up … my body mocked me and said, “Sorry, you can’t keep piling stress on me and not expect me to fight back.” Well, it got the last, erm, laugh, I guess (must be sadistic) and at about 2 a.m., I realized there was no chance in hell I would make it to San Francisco in less than 12 hours.

Once I resigned to the fact that there was no physical way I could make my 1 p.m. flight Friday, I set about medicating and went into Plan B mode: Okay, so I can’t do that, perhaps I can do ~THIS!

It worked! I told the Glam world of my plight and aid came from all over. @loveadamsmusic DMed me immediately to tell me that she had reserved tickets (no waiting in the GA line) and she would fly down with me (she hadn’t yet decided if she was going). She did. We booked a Saturday flight, she took incredible care of me and we had a blast. By the time I got to Thunder Valley, we were fast friends.

Since we had separate networks of Adam friends, more people were introduced and we found even more we knew closely or in passing. We had a blast. I reconnected with @NoAngelPF, @anthrogeekpf, met adamauian and @pantaneragirl and a few others. Soon, I found @Queen_of_Swords, with whom I was sharing a room. It was great to see everyone. We laughed hysterically and flailed madly and a great time was had by all.

I’ll touch on the concert in the concert thread. However, it’s getting late and I still need to recap the epic that was Sunday at The Warfield, general admission. OMG!! Too many stories to tell! I’m under doctor’s orders to get lots of rest, so that’s what I plan to do. I’m going to bed early tonight because tomorrow is Costa Mesa and I’m Scout Leader for this Glam Adventure, as it’s on my home turf.

I cannot be a wreck.

I will recap my adventures at Thunder Valley and The Warfield – with more friends old and new – early in the morning. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Anthro and Suz’s videos from last night yet, DO IT!!! You will be in awe.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Hotels....

AnthrogeekPF:  While in San Francisco, we stayed at a... shall we say... fleabag hotel with no lobby, a buzzer doorbell, and a hand-operated elevator (and by hand I mean our OWN hands! I now know how to slide open a steel cage and hand-feed the rats enough pellets to convince them to peddle that sucker as fast as their tiny 3/4 inch legs will allow!).  The room itself was miniscule, to use an overly generous word. I was unable to maintain an electrical connection while recharging my phone, laptop, or camera battery because the holes in the outlets were too large, or something, so anything I plugged in just fell out and flopped to the floor like an impotent... well... never mind that. Not a word you can associate with anything regarding a road trip dedicated to AFL.... ahem....

Contrast that with our casino hotel room at Thunder Valley. Absolutely stunning room with full amenities, a spa bathroom with waterfall shower head (in a shower separate from the tub, I might add) that alone was literally as big as our entire room at the fleabag. Two queen beds instead of one full and one twin, as the fleabag had. Internet was fast as lighting and I was able to queue all my vids from the night before for uploading themselves to YouTube while we waited in line at the concert venue.  All the requirements were in place for a highly positive experience that more than justified the nearly triple cost, until...... yes, because it's a casino, perhaps, and a den of all-night sybaritic delights of drunken excess, there was screaming, laughter, and cursing penetrating the walls of our room ALL FREAKING NIGHT. Oh, did I mention the sounds of random furniture moving....?

So, the moral of this tale is.... if you want a great room with all the amenities, go to a resort casino. If you just wanna fucking SLEEP in an uninterrupted stretch of more than 10 minutes every two hours, your friendly neighborhood fleabag stands ready to welcome you with open arms..... well, once you haul all your shit up a flight of stairs, wait to be buzzed in, wait around for the desk clerk/maid/reservation agent/professional napper to wake the fuck up and give you the damn key.....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Tale of Two Packing Lists

NoAngel writes:

Okay, so tis the night before the Glamazing Race, and all through my house, not a creature is stirring, because the only silverware I own is a spork, and the only thing I can cook up is a tall tale. As I pack my suitcase for the epic road trip, I think about how the contents of my luggage may differ just a bit from that of a certain Mr. Lambert...

Adam: Studded codpiece
NoAngel: Cod liver oil (Mmmm, just like Momma made ya take)

Adam: A wide assortment of rockstar t-shirts
NoAngel: A sad assortment of faded concert t-shirts from bands that would have been lucky to have one hit.

Adam: iPhone filled with his favorite tunes, and the phone numbers of the kewl-est of the kewl kids
NoAngel: iPhone filled with Adam's favorite tunes (yeah, shut up and don't pretend you'd ever heard of Sia before he tweeted about her!), and the phone numbers of people I've never met, with weird names like @IHeartAdamMoreThanU

Adam: Baseball caps, blonde wigs, and fugly sunglasses for disguising himself from adoring fans
NoAngel: Has come to terms with the fact that no one gives a fuck who I am

Adam: Exotic leather boots and fingerless gloves
NoAngel: Gloveless fingers and vegan sandals

Adam: Red Bull
NoAngel: A high tolerance for bullshit. Very necessary when travelling with AnthrogeekPF.

Adam: A wardrobe trunk filled with glittery, glam costumes
NoAngel: Has cleared out my car trunk to make room for passengers who become too annoying. See above. My tolerance does have its limits.

Adam: A loving, loyal Glamily of eccentric freaks
NoAngel: A couple of eccentric freaks (the aforementioned AnthrogeekPF, and the lovely SusieFierce), and assorted misfits who will soon be closer than family. If we don't kill each other, we'll bond over the craziest, most unlikely road trip EVAH!

Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glamigos, Start Yer Engines!!

SusieFierce: Having a Relaxing Sunday morning, enjoying my coffee and catching up on Suz526's incredible videos from Denver last night. Oh my GAWD!! Adam was on fire. Today is the day I've got to get everything ready to go because this week will be crazy busy. I'll be meeting @schufly for dinner Tuesday, so that's a great thing. Way too much work to get situated this week before the starting pistol fires for The Glamazing Race!!

Anyway, shopping list: Boots (sorry, summer, we got Sketchers, sandals and possibly water shoes for standing in the pool at Mandalay Bay (Hee! @vegas1024), going to party store to buy a case of glow sticks (sorry Anthrogeek, but I like glow sticks and I MIGHT just see if they have a pink cockscomb or two). Hell, may get some body glitter as well ... what other ways can I drive Anthrogeek crazy? Well, I do have to be careful, because we already decided she MAY be wearing this getup:

I don't want to be on the bitchy end of her bayonet, so I'll try to keeps the cockscombs to a minimum (not to mention, I really will look like a Glamingo, as our friend @hcluless loves to call us >:-[ ).

Back to shopping list: Right 'mount of leather. Um, okay, again, I plead incompatibility with the elements here too. I'll probably be utilizing more bright and breezy fabrics for the occasion. Sorry, Adam, I know you wear leather every night, but BB, that's why your name is on the marquee ;) (And btw, seeing that NEVER gets old!!)

Black-color liner? Um, again (DAMN!! I'm IIHY fail), I'm partial to browns. I do have some other glitter eyeshadows that I bought for my first Adam concert and have consistently forgot to wear to every successive Adam concert, so I may be consistent and bring it along just to forget to wear it for seven shows straight!!

So what is my Glamazing Race Itinerary? While the intrepid Anthrogeek gets her motor running to head out on the highway Thursday morning, I will still be chained to the rock pile and will probably be working from Ontario International airport as I hop my Southwest flight to the Glittery City by the Bay on Friday afternoon.

We WILL be at the Big San Francisco Glam Nation Preparty and THAT is going to be epic!! I will do my best to tweet, shoot iPhone video and upload immediately. Then I am taking the night off from video duties in order to take in my first Glam Nation show. Who knows if I will have any mental faculties left at that point, but I fully intend to dance, party and flail my ass off.

On Saturday morning, we'll peel ourselves out of bed and NoAngelPF will take the wheel as we hit the Sacramento trail. We should arrive at Thunder Valley Casino in early afternoon, then it will be either rest, stalk, party or party, stalk and forget the rest ... This is an outdoor venue, so hopefully we won't cook alive waiting in line, but if we must, we must! Oh yeah – more for shopping list ... some type of personal cooling device – one of those water bottle fan thingies?

On Sunday morning, it's BACK to The Warfield for SF2 and I'll be staying with the lovely @alohaPF. I fly back to SoCal late Monday afternoon and will stay at home to regroup for our second leg. Preview: It's going to involve some luxurious living and probably a day at the fair with the 10 people staying together and many, many more friends and flailers who will join us along the way.

Will the now elusive @Halfie6 make an appearance? The jury is still out to see if he can resist the flashing of the lights and the dazzle of the glitter.

I won tickets to one of the Pacific Amphitheatre concerts from the local radio station, but I haven't seen them yet, but I am in dire need of an upgrade for the 28th. Row Y jest ain't gonna cut it for this Glamigo! Stay tuned! Bookmark The Glamazing Race to keep updated on our insanity and adventures!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adam's Scarlet Letter: A Sin Transformed

From NoAngelPF:

A is for Adam.

Simple. Unless the Adam is Lambert, and the A is huge and sparkling in antique script on a top hat. In scarlet. Get it?

Okay, so I didn’t, at first. I blame sensory overload. The night of the concert in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania was an explosion of Purple fringe! Lasers! Acoustic Aftermath! Bare feet and sultry moves and Ring of Fire, omg! And oh yeah, Adam likes to splash his initial around- cool! An “A” on the back of his vest, and his dancers’ costumes, and LP’s drum. In all the glitz and flash at the beginning of the long-anticipated Glam Nation Tour, Adam’s message to us may have been overlooked.

But something finally nudged my mind, and when it hit me, I geeked out, because seriously, I stan Adam for a hundred different reasons, but his clever, creative brain just ~does things to me. So bear with me as I look a little deeper into the symbolism of Adam’s scarlet letter.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Checklist: Naughty or Nice???

OK, anthrogeekPF here - only three weeks to go before the epic Summer of AFL Love road trip begins....... have we got everything?? Let's go thru the checklist one more time......

Legal representation - check. Got our contraband co-conspirator, @DallasGlitters, on retainer in case any "incidents" ensue... Surely, CA has plenty of ordinances in dire need of violation!

Glitter gear - check.... er, no. UNcheck. Sorry, AFL, I don't wear glittery crappola or puffy paint, even for you. I have to maintain SOME artistic integrity as a visual artist, and most of what I've seen in the audiences so far is in severe violation of my aesthetic sensibilities - and just gonna lay this out there now, if that Pink Cockscomb broad who obstructed my view at both Gridlock and Indio (I mean, what are the freakin' ODDS???) shows up at any of our venues, somebody's goin' down.... and it won't be pleasurable (uh... Dallas, you versed in CA penal codes yet??). Just sayin'......

Water shoes - check. Yep, seems Vegas might get wet...... very wet. Nuff said.

Laptops & smartphones to keep blog updated on the road - check. SusieFierce and NoAngel with the 5MP iPhones (suckas!), me with the Android and its 8MP (suckas!) should be twatting away to keep YOU, dear readers, informed with play-by-play analysis of every move in real time.... wut's that, you say?? OK, look, that's what the Unfollow button's for, OK???

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Glamazing Race map

SusieFierce: Okay, fellow travelers, here's our route. Piece o' cake right? I'm sure this is exactly what Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers had in mind when they invented our various means of transport. The history buff in me will toss in the robber baron, erm, railroad magnate C.P. Huntington (still haven't decided if I'm railing to S.D. or not). I'm sure they all visualized that one day, perhaps in the 21st century, three wild-ass women would use their innovations to traverse the state to stalk a white-hot singer. Makes perfect sense to me ...

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And only one Glam Nation virgin remains ...

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Revealed: The Curious Caper of the ContraBands! (Part One)

NoAngelPF's story:

One fine evening in early April, Adam’s drummer Longineu sent out a tweet:

“Longineu Parsons PO Box 64919 Los Angeles CA 90064”

Your Glamigos Anthrogeek and NoAngel, and our partner-in-future-crime DallasGlitters looked at each other (tricky, considering we live thousands of miles apart, but Twitter is magical!) and shrugged, before returning to our perusal of pre-Raphaelite poetry.

But the tweeting continued:

“send all mail to this pobox i will get it all” | “i am soo sad my ipod screen broke now i cant read it:(“ | “Longineu Parsons PO Box 64919 Los Angeles CA 90064” | “i will read and get it all” | “i love alien and predator,video games , pics, letters , music, movies, fan mail , clothes, lap tops” | “send whatever you want to send i will love it all” | “i cant wait to get another i phone so i can talk to all of you all the time again” | “yes i would love the i pad , i was just checking it out!!! i must get it!!!” | “it is an old ipod from 2005” | “Longineu Parsons PO Box 64919 Los Angeles CA 90064 send me your stuff i will read and get all fan mail and etc.....” | “its a big box so send away” | “you can send me anything and everything” | “try to keep it,pics,video games,lap top, ipod, watches,clothes,drum stuff,” | “im not begging, i dont care what you all send i will love it all and read all the fan mail” | “i dont care what you all send, it is from you, and i respect it all” | “send em” | “seriously we dont care what you all send we will read and love all that you send” | “that po box belongs to myself joan and falco and the rest of the band” | “you can sen longineu joan and falco mail here and even the rest of the band”

Okaaaaay. So apparently what we had here was one intrepid band member who thought he’d tickle the golden goose of the fandom, since said goose had laid a gilded egg in the form of a multi-thousand-dollar Apple Store gift card in the hands of Tommy Joe only days before.

Some eye-rolling and Twitter fun-poking at our friend Longineu ensued, but soon our evil minds began to churn out the beginnings of a real caper. LP clearly was looking for love in the form of durable goods. We searched our pockets and our souls, coming up empty on both counts. So what could we offer instead? Hey! How about the gorgeous wristbands that Dallas had ordered for us before the Fantasy Springs concert? The awesome, profane wristbands that U.S. manufacturers had refused to print, forcing us to turn to our friends in China, who had no such qualms. Not only were they awesome, but we had plenty of them left over, so we were in a generous mood…

Our caper was on, and we each had a role to play. My job was to compose a nice little letter. Here it is, after the jump, along with photographic evidence:

ContraBand Capers - Part Deux!!

AnthrogeekPF, renowned manthropologist here. Look, NoAngelPF, speak for yerself with this "pre-Raphaelite poetry" nonsense, OK?? My concerns are much too worldly for such fluff. As a renowned manthropologist, I was busy in the lab late one night when my eyes beheld a skeery sight.... LP's wish list we knew we couldn't fulfill! (Look, I'd like to have been able to afford a new glam-spiked dog collar for Falco, too, but had to settle for a contra-band - good thing Falco's got a skinny neck!).

Anyway, so NoAngel scribbled up a letter, sent it to DallasGlitters, the keeper of the stash of contrabands, and Dallas spent an inordinate loving amount of time compiling them into little bundles with a lovely little tag with each band member's name, and of course, AFL gets the Big Boy!! We tweeted LP a couple of times after allowing several days for the Pony Express to arrive, and he occasionally replied that he hadn't visited his PO box lately, but that he was going "tomorrow". So, fast forward a few weeks thru LP's procrastination and.... well.... nuthin'. Did he get 'em?? Was he offended?? Did he get that it was a JOKE?? No clue!!

With the results of our contraband caper a complete mystery, fast forward again to Stir Cove on 6/10, where I combined a family trip with my first (and AFL's 4th) Glam Nation concert!! While milling about waiting for our hotel room to be ready, I saw LP wandering thru the lobby alone and vulnerable, so on the spur of the moment, I accosted greeted him, pulled out a little bundle of the 5 or 6 contrabands I had brought with me, and forced them on him pressed them gently into his clenched fist hand. I asked if he recalled receiving a box of them and he said he did, and that he had given them to everyone and they all loved them. He was so sweet and kept thanking me! No, thank YOU, LP, for being such a good sport!!!

He then disappeared into the bowels of the building, and it wasn't until a day or two later that I realized he'd been on his way to sound check once I saw THIS photo evidence that someone (source unknown) posted on the web!!

He had given them to AFL, who wore them during sound check!!!!!! Once the fine folks at Planet Fierce got their hooks into these pics, all sorts of theories began flying as to whether they were indeed PF bands and how they may have come into his possession (various PFers had passed some along to band members at previous casino concerts, including our dear friend Dallas), but the minute I saw that exact combination of purples with a lone silver, I KNEW those were the ones I had just given LP!! And so, my fellow PF peeps, this is the story behind the story.

Uhhh..... THE END?

Or is it......? Heh heh. Let's just say from now on, new contrabands have a certain "trademark" that identifies them as genuine certified official "contrabands" - accept no substitutions! You just never know where they might turn up next........... GLAMAZING RACE IS ALMOST HERE, BITCHES!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First GNT Concert!!! Royal Oak MI

Holy hell, that concert was AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!
I'm in my usual post-AFL delirium, and my head feels like a snow globe filled with sentence fragments, sparkly lights, and glitter.

Adam looked absolutely stunning! The glittery rhinestone action on the shaved part of his head was beautiful- very Star Trek-ey, LOL. I loved it! And he had glitter liberally sprinkled on his lovely bare arms!

He looks larger than life, very slender and tall, and absolutely commands the stage from start to finish. Yes, it does appear that he looks right at you, which made my heart flail for sure.

All of us who went (and compared notes afterwards) agreed that his energy was fantastic tonight. The crowd adored him, and was loud and high-energy despite being packed in so damn tight. Several times I looked around behind me and up onto the balcony, and everyone was standing, waving their arms, competely into Adam.

And here's the thing: what Adam says about how he feeds off of the energy of the crowd... absolutely true, and so palpable.

I felt like the more we gave to Adam with our dancing around and waving and clapping and screaming and singing, the more he gave back to us. He watched us, and grinned, and talked to us, and thanked us, and told us how awesome we were. And we loved him right back, until the whole thing just felt like one giant epic love-fest, and just thinking about it now makes me cry, because who the hell does this? Takes a crowd of hot, tired people and makes them flail and feel light on their feet and transports them to a place of joy for a little while?

Yeah, the "message" and philosophy of IIHY may be a simple one, but Adam feels it and believes it with all of his generous heart, and honestly, when you're there with him, everything good seems possible.

*Recap originally posted at PF*