Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Checklist: Naughty or Nice???

OK, anthrogeekPF here - only three weeks to go before the epic Summer of AFL Love road trip begins....... have we got everything?? Let's go thru the checklist one more time......

Legal representation - check. Got our contraband co-conspirator, @DallasGlitters, on retainer in case any "incidents" ensue... Surely, CA has plenty of ordinances in dire need of violation!

Glitter gear - check.... er, no. UNcheck. Sorry, AFL, I don't wear glittery crappola or puffy paint, even for you. I have to maintain SOME artistic integrity as a visual artist, and most of what I've seen in the audiences so far is in severe violation of my aesthetic sensibilities - and just gonna lay this out there now, if that Pink Cockscomb broad who obstructed my view at both Gridlock and Indio (I mean, what are the freakin' ODDS???) shows up at any of our venues, somebody's goin' down.... and it won't be pleasurable (uh... Dallas, you versed in CA penal codes yet??). Just sayin'......

Water shoes - check. Yep, seems Vegas might get wet...... very wet. Nuff said.

Laptops & smartphones to keep blog updated on the road - check. SusieFierce and NoAngel with the 5MP iPhones (suckas!), me with the Android and its 8MP (suckas!) should be twatting away to keep YOU, dear readers, informed with play-by-play analysis of every move in real time.... wut's that, you say?? OK, look, that's what the Unfollow button's for, OK???

Cameras - check. (Oh, did I mention 8MP on my Android... why, yes, I believe I did). SusieFierce has hers, and I have mine - all three of 'em (4 if you count.... ok, I'll give it a rest). Only question is whether to take the DSLR along or not. Normally, I'd be doing a photo workshop during my vacation, but will I have time during all the travel and fleeing of scenes to actually set up a tripod at various locales and shoot respectable travel shots and landscapes along the way, or not??? Hmm... TBD.....

YouTube Channels - check. Well, they're still up for now, anyway. For some reason that defies all logic, not to mention good will and marketing sense, Sony got a wild hair up their ass and started removing any and all live performance videos shot by fans that contained any references whatsoever to If I Had You due to "alleged copyright violation". OK, which is it, Sony, alleged or actual copyright violation?? If alleged, why shut down entire channels over something that's highly prevalent all across YT - amateur concert videos - simply because some Sony intern-bot with a kneejerk reaction to search results for the IIHY title, and no independent judgment used on content, slaps a warning on every single instance of one particular song without first determining if it's an illegal copy of the official IIHY music video (which they are NOT) or just a taping of the song performed live? If this were not a mistaken assumption that they're making, and actual copyright violation, then wouldn't ALL live performances of EVERY song fall under the same legal standing as IIHY??? Makes zero sense, from either a legal or marketing standpoint! Just pisses fans off and sends the videos underground - how does that benefit anyone??

Senses of humor and adventure - check.

Aaaaannndd... CONTRABANDS!! - check. Currently in production..... heh.


  1. Hopefully you have all vids backed up elsewhere so you can reload when your channels get shut down?

  2. Go, Anthro! Rant on about cursed IIHY bots!

    Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, mentioned today in NYTimes that Google having a retail online music store made sense.

    Since people search for a song on Google anyway, why should they go elsewhere to purchase. Ka-Ching.

    And Sony is worried about alleged copyright violations among the people who are buttering their bread ten times daily?

    Sony, RCA, 19, wake up and smell the pixels. Time to enter the real new world. Think of new ways to let us legally buy quality live product.

    Stop foot-shooting yourself by alienating fans who are helping Adam. Glam Nation videos increase fanship.

    Single sales of IIHY have no connection to live YT videos of the same song. Except that the people who bought multiple copies already would like to see the excitement Adam creates spreading his message of love and peace live.

    One happy day, record labels will be dial telephones of music.

  3. Looking forward to following your exploits. Traveling the same CA party route. \o/

    Just renamed all my concert vids with initials to avoid having them sink my entire effing channel of SDComic Con vids. The monumental idiocy of Sony is simply mind-blowing.

  4. Hmmmmmm. You need a full case of durexcells for cameras and uh.... other things..

    And don't forget the Grabby Hands Protection Device in case someone tries to get away with a little road trip sporking.

  5. Sounds like you've got everything you need, but I'm sure you need a little glitter, just a little, right on your third eye. I'll make sure to bring some with me to San Francisco so that you can be properly annointed.Love!

  6. don't forget the ear plugs!
    Also, anything for Adam you want signed? Hope yall get to meet him!


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