Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Glamazing Race map

SusieFierce: Okay, fellow travelers, here's our route. Piece o' cake right? I'm sure this is exactly what Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers had in mind when they invented our various means of transport. The history buff in me will toss in the robber baron, erm, railroad magnate C.P. Huntington (still haven't decided if I'm railing to S.D. or not). I'm sure they all visualized that one day, perhaps in the 21st century, three wild-ass women would use their innovations to traverse the state to stalk a white-hot singer. Makes perfect sense to me ...

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  1. Fantastic! my first AFL concert is also the Warfield July 23, then next night at the casino, and then July 27 in costa mesa! So glad to know you'll be there too. Now I'm thinking of getting a ticket for 7/25 back at the warfield too. Can't wait to read your on the road commentary. My girlfriends & family here in the SF Bay Area, even the Adam fans, think I'm a tad nuts and humor me with love having not yet caught Adam Fever. What a ride we are on, makes the roller coaster at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz seem tame indeed. Bring it on Adam!

    Patricia-Lynn Woodacre, CA

  2. Hi @pithorndike!! Thanks for dropping by! It's going to be a great time! Hope to meet you on the road.

  3. I'm SO green with envy!
    yu go girls!!!
    (it sounds like Thelma & Louise& susie fierce - THE MOVIE!)lol.
    very inspiring!!!

  4. Wow, this stalking is so organised and pretty! Be sure to document all your madcap capers along the way, am looking forward to reading all about them.

  5. Very excited that I will be crossing paths with you epic travelers in Vegas! That's almost more exciting to me than seeing Adam.
    OK, overshot that one. ...


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