Sunday, June 20, 2010

And only one GN virgin remains ...

Flights and hotel rooms have been booked. Coordination efforts with multiple parties have been strategized and plans have been (almost) finalized. Now – as they say – waiting is the hardest part. In the meantime, I am excited for the many friends I have met through Adam as they see their shows. Next week is going to be major! Adam is set to take a bite of the Big Apple. I say, BRING IT ON!! We're all due for a little more original sin, aren't we?

I'm finalizing our Glamazing Race Map, so you can track us as we run the length of California and as we just caress the tip of Nevada.

Counting down: 33 days (Ack!! 33 days???) :'( I'll try not to lament too much!! And I'll be fighting the urge to jump on a plane bound for next weekend's venues.


  1. Umm. "...caress the tip of Nevada"??? Okaaay, girl, I can see where your mind is :P

  2. Oh, make no mistake about it, tips WILL be caressed in the making of this road trip!

    Now.... time to engineer a mysterious disappearance of the patented Grabby Hands Prevention Device....


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