Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glamazing Race: Epic Summer of AFL Love Road Trip!

Adam Fucking Lambert (affectionately known as AFL) is currently on his Glam Nation Tour, where he brings his fierce, Voodoo-inspired stage show across the United States and Canada. We made plans to do this trip before Glam Nation debuted on Friday, June 4 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, when we learned that Adam shattered impossibly high expectations and has since been stunning audiences at every stop.

Our friend who is quick with a quip – something we all pride ourselves on – coined the name Three Glamigos when she heard about our plans to blog about our adventures. Since we hail from three points West, or NorCal, SoCal and an undisclosed bunker somewhere in the desert Southwest, it’s fitting.   

Our adventure will launch on Friday July 23 and stretch from the City by the Bay to Mission Bay to Mandalay Bay. On the way, we’ll be joined by our Planet Fierce friends from Arizona to Azerbaijan, Vancouver to Virginia. This is what life is like when you adore Adam Lambert. It is an adventure. A perplexing, intoxicating hilarious adventure that sweeps over your sanity and compels you not to ask, “What am I doing?” but “Why have I never done this before?”

If you are any one of the countless people who have experienced the dazzling, infinite talents of Adam Fucking Lambert LIVE, you will fully understand. If you are still considering going or not, stop. The question isn’t should you go, but how many shows can you get to?

Anthrogeek, NoAngel and SusieFierce will be your tour guides for Glam Nation West. We’ll take planes, trains and automobiles (okay, maybe not trains, but it COULD happen) to get where we’re going before the first squee pierces the still air of the venue as Adam’s face is projected. We call it the Glamazing Race. And it’s going to be fast and wild! Join us for the ride!

We’ll have videos (Anthrogeek is an intrepid photographer and videographer whose Fantasy Springs “Whole Lotta Love” is the stuff of AFL fandom folk-legend), pictures and interviews. We will not only document each concert with the best media we can manage, we will do personal recaps and interview the other amazing fans who are joining us on various legs of our journey. We’ll take you on our road trip throughout California, ending in Las Vegas (unless more tour dates are added, then all bets are off)! This trip may never end!

We’re goin’ down the Rabbit Hole
With hoes and gigalos (… and probably a few really nice friends ;))
C’mon and follow us!!

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