Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First GNT Concert!!! Royal Oak MI

Holy hell, that concert was AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!
I'm in my usual post-AFL delirium, and my head feels like a snow globe filled with sentence fragments, sparkly lights, and glitter.

Adam looked absolutely stunning! The glittery rhinestone action on the shaved part of his head was beautiful- very Star Trek-ey, LOL. I loved it! And he had glitter liberally sprinkled on his lovely bare arms!

He looks larger than life, very slender and tall, and absolutely commands the stage from start to finish. Yes, it does appear that he looks right at you, which made my heart flail for sure.

All of us who went (and compared notes afterwards) agreed that his energy was fantastic tonight. The crowd adored him, and was loud and high-energy despite being packed in so damn tight. Several times I looked around behind me and up onto the balcony, and everyone was standing, waving their arms, competely into Adam.

And here's the thing: what Adam says about how he feeds off of the energy of the crowd... absolutely true, and so palpable.

I felt like the more we gave to Adam with our dancing around and waving and clapping and screaming and singing, the more he gave back to us. He watched us, and grinned, and talked to us, and thanked us, and told us how awesome we were. And we loved him right back, until the whole thing just felt like one giant epic love-fest, and just thinking about it now makes me cry, because who the hell does this? Takes a crowd of hot, tired people and makes them flail and feel light on their feet and transports them to a place of joy for a little while?

Yeah, the "message" and philosophy of IIHY may be a simple one, but Adam feels it and believes it with all of his generous heart, and honestly, when you're there with him, everything good seems possible.

*Recap originally posted at PF*

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  1. OMFG!!!! Who are you beautiful people!?! I am from the dark side of Planet Fierce (the south)and looooooove the stories of your experiences you are writing. Up until now I have been surviving on FB, AO, and 24/7 videos every night! I was blessed to win tickets to the Holy Kraddison, and much to the amazement to my children and husband, I flew up to the frozen north to meet my Lil Sis in NJ and we drove through the night to NYFC!!!!!!
    Thanks to the gods of GPS we found it no problem and ran through the night, alone, strengthened by our hysteria, to the little black door. I pretended to know the bouncer that just happened to be plowing past, grabbed sissys hand and stuck to his ass as we went through the crowd pretending to be VIPs! We got as far as JUST PAST the velvet rope up front to the right of the stage!!!!!!!!!!! We were smugly leaning on a clear portion of the stage all alone, when security spotted us, LOL. Did we have VIP bands? Nooooo, (sheepish) but we have tickets (cheesy grins). SO JUST OUTSIDE THE VELVET ROPE, right up front,we watched the magic. speechless. In love. Only my pity for the 5' girl behind me kept me from being among those close enough to rudely grab AFL's crotch. (I wouldn't have, i'm too much a southern lady) But I DID meet Tommy and gave him two rings, for him and AFL! I stood against the railing and, since I am a big **** girl, I rubbed shoulders with everyone going past, (LP included)!!!!! We also met a beautiful BOI, our buddy, AFL's next SOS!!!!! We have stayed in contact through FB.
    I love ya'll's enthusiasm and spirit!!! It is a joy to behold! I no longer feel alone....somewhere out there....are a strange bunch of folks who also flail when the HOLY HIPS are swiveled!
    I hope to someday meet our AFL relatives from the glittery part of Planet Fierce! Until then I will log on as long as you are sharing!! Thanks!!!!


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