Monday, August 2, 2010

Glamazing Race Ends in a Tie... Or Does It...?

AnthrogeekPF:  So much adventure, so little time to organize our thoughts and impressions, much less our pics, vids, and recaps!!  It's been an amazing adventure from beginning to end, and while the Glamazing Race itself may be over, the memories of all the wonderful people we met and the epic AFL performances we witnessed will live forever!  The perfect end cap for the Glamazing Race occurred after a bonus concert last night in Tempe, where I asked AFL if he'd ever sing "Can't Let You Go" LIVE just once for us..... will update you on that in a later blog post!

To NoAngelPF and SusieFierce - had a great time with my sistas from anotha motha!!  When can we do it again??  To all the great PFers we met at various venues, you're all just as wonderful in person and so very YOU, as you are at Planet Fierce (and no freaks among you, amazingly enough! I was really worried about that @hcluless person, but that's another story.....)!  To adamauian from PF, thanks for being the 4th "Glombert" along for the ride - get a Twitter account already!  To our loyal readers, thanks for your support and please bear with us over the coming days as we summarize our thoughts and write new blog posts For Your Entertainment - check back often!

Most importantly, THANK YOU to Adam Fucking Lambert, the source of our inspiration for this road trip, for all the stunning vocal and visual perfection we were privileged to witness over the last week.  May your star burn as bright as the most flaming of headdresses for eternity!!  My calling you a Creative Genius and Vocal Virtuoso is an understatement and there really aren't even words to describe your epicosity and fabulosity (so I must make up my own)! Oh, and thanks for not exclaiming "WTAF!!??" and calling Security when I forcibly gently pressed a set of PF Contrabands into your hand last night in Tempe!

Meanwhile, I leave you with this, my favorite of all the awesome vids I captured during the week (although I reserve the right to change my mind with every vid I view - I haven't even seen some of them myself!). This is Whole Lotta Love from Warfield in San Francisco, 7/25/10:

Not-so-secret post script: stay tuned as the Three Glamigos attend additional Glam Nation concerts at a later date..... you never know where we might turn up.... heh.


  1. There's no end in sight for this addiction, is there? Looking forward to more stories!

  2. How is it f**** possible for a human to be so beautiful? Inside and out.



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