Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glamigos, Start Yer Engines!!

SusieFierce: Having a Relaxing Sunday morning, enjoying my coffee and catching up on Suz526's incredible videos from Denver last night. Oh my GAWD!! Adam was on fire. Today is the day I've got to get everything ready to go because this week will be crazy busy. I'll be meeting @schufly for dinner Tuesday, so that's a great thing. Way too much work to get situated this week before the starting pistol fires for The Glamazing Race!!

Anyway, shopping list: Boots (sorry, summer, we got Sketchers, sandals and possibly water shoes for standing in the pool at Mandalay Bay (Hee! @vegas1024), going to party store to buy a case of glow sticks (sorry Anthrogeek, but I like glow sticks and I MIGHT just see if they have a pink cockscomb or two). Hell, may get some body glitter as well ... what other ways can I drive Anthrogeek crazy? Well, I do have to be careful, because we already decided she MAY be wearing this getup:

I don't want to be on the bitchy end of her bayonet, so I'll try to keeps the cockscombs to a minimum (not to mention, I really will look like a Glamingo, as our friend @hcluless loves to call us >:-[ ).

Back to shopping list: Right 'mount of leather. Um, okay, again, I plead incompatibility with the elements here too. I'll probably be utilizing more bright and breezy fabrics for the occasion. Sorry, Adam, I know you wear leather every night, but BB, that's why your name is on the marquee ;) (And btw, seeing that NEVER gets old!!)

Black-color liner? Um, again (DAMN!! I'm IIHY fail), I'm partial to browns. I do have some other glitter eyeshadows that I bought for my first Adam concert and have consistently forgot to wear to every successive Adam concert, so I may be consistent and bring it along just to forget to wear it for seven shows straight!!

So what is my Glamazing Race Itinerary? While the intrepid Anthrogeek gets her motor running to head out on the highway Thursday morning, I will still be chained to the rock pile and will probably be working from Ontario International airport as I hop my Southwest flight to the Glittery City by the Bay on Friday afternoon.

We WILL be at the Big San Francisco Glam Nation Preparty and THAT is going to be epic!! I will do my best to tweet, shoot iPhone video and upload immediately. Then I am taking the night off from video duties in order to take in my first Glam Nation show. Who knows if I will have any mental faculties left at that point, but I fully intend to dance, party and flail my ass off.

On Saturday morning, we'll peel ourselves out of bed and NoAngelPF will take the wheel as we hit the Sacramento trail. We should arrive at Thunder Valley Casino in early afternoon, then it will be either rest, stalk, party or party, stalk and forget the rest ... This is an outdoor venue, so hopefully we won't cook alive waiting in line, but if we must, we must! Oh yeah – more for shopping list ... some type of personal cooling device – one of those water bottle fan thingies?

On Sunday morning, it's BACK to The Warfield for SF2 and I'll be staying with the lovely @alohaPF. I fly back to SoCal late Monday afternoon and will stay at home to regroup for our second leg. Preview: It's going to involve some luxurious living and probably a day at the fair with the 10 people staying together and many, many more friends and flailers who will join us along the way.

Will the now elusive @Halfie6 make an appearance? The jury is still out to see if he can resist the flashing of the lights and the dazzle of the glitter.

I won tickets to one of the Pacific Amphitheatre concerts from the local radio station, but I haven't seen them yet, but I am in dire need of an upgrade for the 28th. Row Y jest ain't gonna cut it for this Glamigo! Stay tuned! Bookmark The Glamazing Race to keep updated on our insanity and adventures!!


  1. Hey, wait just a minute!! I am NOT wearing commando gear just to get yer arse up to the front at our GA locat...... oh, wait.... so they won't see us comin' thru if we're in camoflage, you say???

    BRB, gonna run down to the local army surplus store to see if they have any gear suitable for a little black ops mission.... black, sparkly, and with a crowd pattern..... and maybe there's a sale on blowguns..... WUT???

  2. OMG - a friend and I (@EowynRohan) are doing this craziness too!
    San Fran, Thunder Valley, San Fran again, Costa Mesa two nights in a row, skipping San Diego unfortunately, and ending up in Las Vegas!

  3. How fun! Adam does spin a mighty intoxicating web! I'll be at the Warfield the 23rd, and both Costa Mesa dates, as well as SD and LV. I'll look for you! I'm doing this on my own...friends are popping in here and there! @lisalisansd

  4. @lisalisansd!! Just realized you had commented here on the blog before I even met you at Costa Mesa!! ;-}}

    Great meeting you in CM, San Diego, and in Vegas!!


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