Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contrabands, Sutan Style!

If you recall from NoAngelPF's recap of the 7/23 concert at the Warfield, SF, we gave some of our patented Contrabands to Sasha and Sutan by the buses after the show. They both were very sweet about it and thanked us, and at the very least, were way too gracious to exclaim out loud "what the actual fuck!??, at least not within earshot. However, when Adam interviewed with Lindsay Parker before the 7/27 Costa Mesa show while having his stage makeup applied, it turns out that Sutan was rockin' the very same contrabands mixed in with the finest of bracelets adorning his wrist! Observe the video in Parker's interview for yourself and see if you can spot the Contrabands being rocked Sutan-style!

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